12-9-11 Bananaquit from Ron’s Rainforest Birds Series
Coereba flaveola
Class Aves: Feathered, winged, bipedal, endothermic (warm-blooded), egg-laying, vertebrates, Order: Passeriformes: passerines or perching birds, Family: Thraupidae (Tanagers).
DISTRIBUTION: West Indies, Caribbean mainland from Southern Mexico south to southern Brazil and northeast Argentina.
HABITAT: most numerous in settled districts and secondary growth.
DIET: flowers for nectar and insects.
APPEARANCE: small honeycreeper (4-5 inches long) with black back, down-curved bill, white eyebrow stripe, white wing spot, and yellow breast, belly and rump. The throat can vary from white to black. Monomorphic (males and females look similar).
REMARKS: build a globular nest of grasses, leaves and plant fibers located from 5 to 30 feet above ground, sometimes higher.
Family Thraupidae has an American distribution of about 240 species of tanagers.
LOCATION: Rainforest
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