Kingdom:Animalia (animals)
Phylum; Chordata (chordates)
Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Order: Scorpaeniformes (Scorpionfishes and flatheads)
Family: Hemitripteridae (Sea ravens or sailfin sculpins)

Genus/species: Nautichthys oculofasciatus


GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS:  The tall, first dorsal fin is extended in front of the head as the fish swims  which resembles a sail. Color varies, grayish on top with variously hued markings and occasionally red markings on dorsal fin. Caudal fin rounded, directed upward. A black band runs diagonally down and back through eye . To 20 cm (8 inches).

Sailfin Sculpin14972884586_258b21dea7_h

DISTRIBUTION/HABITAT: Alaska to San Miguel Island, southern California. Habitat: Found at about 90 m (300 ft) most often on rocky bottoms with algae; occasionally seen hanging upside down in rock crevices.

DIET IN THE WILD: Small invertebrates

REPRODUCTION: Female spawns in winter and spring, when eggs are laid on rocks and often among mussel beds. The male guards the eggs.

Sailfin Sculpin

CONSERVATION: IUCN; not evaluated

Remarks: Common derived from the tall anterior dorsal fin which is extended in front of the head as the fish swims  which resembles a sail. Often the sailfin moves back and forth in the same rhythm as the movement of nearby seaweeds. Coupled with its cryptic coloration, this behavior disguises it from predators.




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