Kingdom:  Animalia
Phylum:  Chordata
Subphylum:  Vertebrata
Class:  Amphibia
Order:  Anura
Family:  Megophryidae

Genus/species: Megophrys nasuta


GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Have projections above each eye and nasal area, hence the name Horned Frog. Designed for camouflage; back is gray, tan, russet, or brown and darkens toward the side making the frog almost invisible among the forest leaf litter. The smooth skin resembles dead leaves.


DISTRIBUTION/HABITAT: Borneo, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra. Lives in relatively cool damp environs. Optimal temperature is between 22–24° C. Found on the rainforest floors, usually near small streams.

DIET IN THE WILD: Crabs and scorpions are their main food; also take arachnids, nestling rodents, lizards and other frogs that live on the forest floor.5536565600_f6c87f37ec_b-1


REMARKS: Call is unmistakable: a loud, resonating, metallic honk or henk, somewhat reminiscent of an air horn. The Jahai, an aboriginal group from northern Peninsular Malaysia, call this frog “Kengkang,” onomatopoeic after its call.

Rainforest Borneo  BO08


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