KINGDOM   Animalia

PHYLUM   Chordata

CLASS   Reptilia

ORDER   Squamata

FAMILY    Chamaeleonidae

GENUS/SPECIES  Furcifer  oustaleti



With a maximum length of 68.5 cm (27 in), it is often considered the largest species of chameleon.  Oustalet’s Chameleons are sandy brown and grey in color but, like most chameleons, they can change color depending on mood and temperature, or as a mode of communication.

Distinctive features of a chameleon lizard are its long tongue, its separately mobile eyes, its parrot-like feet and in many species, the ability to change color.       



 Widespread in Madagascar in the warm and humid coastal lowlands.  Has been introduced near Nairobi in Kenya.


One to 2 clutches of up to 60 eggs per year taking 7 months to hatch.

Chameleons may live more than 10 years in captivity.


 Rainforest Madagascar MA10


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