Masked Booby

Sulidae dactylata                         Sulidae

Distribution: Breeds in Bahamas and West Indies, and on other islands in tropical Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans such as the  Galápagos Islands.

Habitat: Tropical seas, except when nesting in small colonies, on sandy beaches in shallow depressions.

Appearance: 32inches; (81 cm). A stocky white seabird with black tail, black tips and trailing edges to the wings, and stout pinkish or orange bill.

Diet:Mainly eat small fish, including flying fish.

Remarks: Boobies have little fear of humans. Because of their tameness they were easily killed for food by early mariners, who gave them their name (from the Spanish bobo or stupid) for this reason. Boobies obtain their prey in spectacular plunges from the air into the sea