Cuban Knight Anole

Anolis equestris      Iguanidae

Distribution: Cuba and have been introduced into Dade and Broward counties in Florida.

Habitat: They are arboreal living in the shady canopy of large trees.

Appearance: Grow to a length of 12 to 20 inches (30 to 51 cm). They are the largest of the Genus Anolis. The snout is long and wedge-shaped and the tail is slightly compressed with a serrated upper edge. Each toe is expanded to form an adhesive pad allowing the anoles to easily run up smooth, vertical surfaces, or run body downward on a horizontal plane.  The body is covered with small granular scales with a yellow or white stripe under the eye and over the shoulder. They are bright green in color, which can change to a dull grayish-brown.

Diet: Insects, small lizards, amphibians.

Remarks:  They are easy to distinguish from other anoles by their size and the large, pink throat fan or dewlap.  When courting or defending its territory amale anole will extend its throat sac.