Red Spitting Cobra

Red Spitting  Cobra                              Naja pallida                 Elapidae                                         Distribution: Eastern Africa                                                                                    Habitat: Primarily inhabits dry savanna and semi-desert area. Commonly found in oases in desert where it hunts.                                                                                      Appearance: Maximum length of 120 cm (4 feet). Color of this species has great variation from red, deep orange, pale red, pinkish and light brown. Red Spitting Cobras found in Northern Africa have duller color while others are much brighter. The hood of the Red Spitting Cobra is narrow compared with the Indian Cobra and the Cape Cobra. It also has a small round head and a pair of rather large eyes.                                                              Diet: Frogs, rodents and birds.                                                                                      Remarks: The snake squeezes muscles around its venom gland forcing a small jet of toxic liquid through a small hole in the front of the fangs with great accuracy at the eyes of a possible predator capable of blinding or at least causing extreme pain.