Gabon Viper

Bitis gabonica

Distribution: Tropical Africa

Habitat: Rainforests and nearby woodlands, mainly at low altitudes. they may also be found in swamps, as well as in still and moving waters. They are commonly found in agricultural areas near forests and on roads at night.

Appearance: 1.8 meters, 10kilograms. Adults reach an average length of 4 – 5 feet (up to 1.5 meters). It has camouflage with a color pattern consisting of a series of pale, sub-rectangular blotches running down the center of the back, interspaced with dark, yellow- edged hourglass markings. The flanks have a series of fawn of brown rhomboidal shapes, with light vertical central bars. The belly is pale with irregular brown or black blotches. The head is white or cream with a fine, dark central line, black spots on the rear corners, and a dark blue-black triangle behind and below each eye. The iris color iscream, yellow-white, orange or silvery. As the gaboon viper grows older, it develops rostral horns on its nose.

Diet: Small mammals.

Remarks: B. gabonica has very long fangs known to exceed 1.5 inches. It is a docile slow moving sit and wait predator with a quick strike.