Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura (Frogs, Toads)
Family: Rhacophoridae

Genus/species: Theloderma corticale

Vietnamese Mossy Frog Theloderma corticale (Rhacophoridae)

DISTRIBUTION/HABITAT: Northern Vietnam in subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests, freshwater marshes. A semi-aquatic species that spends much time in the water, hiding under rocks and floating plants. Also spends time above the water, attached to crevice or rock where it blends perfectly with its background

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: These frogs are a marvel of camouflage coloration and texture. Tubercles and spines on the skin and mottled colors of green, black, and purple make the animals blend perfectly into their mossy, wooded background. They have large sticky pads on their toes and a soft underbelly. Length, 7-8cm (3 inches).

DIET IN THE WILD: Feed nocturnally on insects. 

REMARKS: Like all tree frogs, has adhesive toe pads that allow it to grip the undersides of slick leaves or rocks. Recent studies have shown these pads to be a sophisticated combination of mucous covered areas that provide wet adhesion and raised dry areas that provide a grip on dry surfaces. These findings have stimulated exploration into improved tire design.
Curls into a ball and “plays dead” when frightened.

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