Class: Reptilia, Order: Testudines. Family: Emdidae, Clemmys guttata  

DISTRIBUTION: Southern Maine west to extreme northeastern Illinois and south along the coastal plain to northern Florida. 

HABITAT: Swamps, bogs, fens, marshes, woodland streams, and wet pastures.  

APPEARANCE: Carapaces are overall black with a few, to many scattered yellow spots. Their faces are adorned with splotches of orange and yellow. Adults, especially males, have orange coloration on the legs. Adults will reach an overall length of approximately 12 cm (5 in). 

DIET: Omnivorous and eats exclusively in the water, consuming plant material including aquatic vegetation, green algae.  Animal food includes aquatic insect larvae, worms, slugs, milipedes, spiders, crustaceans, tadpoles, salamanders and small fish. 

REMARKS:  Spotted turtles shed their scutes in small pieces occasionally resulting in completely smooth shelled specimens. C. guttata are very intelligent turtles and have been tested like the Wood Turtles in mazes and have been proven to have the brain capacity of a mouse.

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