Oryzias woworae   Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fishes), Beloniformes (Needle fishes),  Adrianichthyidae (Ricefishes) 

DISTRIBUTION: Daisy’s ricefish was collected from a freshwater stream on Muna Island, off the southeastern coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia in 2007.

HABITAT:  fresh and brackish waters.

APPEARANCE: about an inch long, steel blue body (in males), highlighted with brilliant red stripes on its abdomen, pectoral fins and caudal fins. O. woworae  also have striking,  blue eyes

REMARKS:  many species are found in Japanese rice paddies gives this group of fishes its common name

LOCATION: Rainforest Borneo Exhibit  Southeast Asia Community tank  BO09 

REFERENCE; California Academy Rainforest Blog 3-27-11 and fishbase

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